By taking advantage of favourable geographic position highly qualified workforce and low labour costs , we offer servicies at the best prices and quality.All work is carried out to the strict conditions of established quality procedures , according to ISO 9001 (2000) standards.

Various types of vessels have been repaired at our yard , including merchant vessels , supply vessels , passenger vessels , military vessels, sailing vessels and offshore constructions. In addition to these activities we are involved in ship scrapping and sale of resulting materials mainly as second hand naval equipment and machinery.

otel -conversion work
-hatch cover repairs/renewal
-any kind of steel work
sablare-hull treatment
-cargo and hold treatment
-tank treatment
-special coatings
mecanice-main and auxiliary engine strip down and overhaul
-ancillary machinery and equipment repairs/renewal
-deck machinery and equipment repair/renewal
-steering gear , shafting and propulsion machinery repair
-pipework and ship systems repairs/renewal